Item of the Week

collectibles_01Lladro are handmande in Spain and are truly modern day masterpieces. This 2-piece figurine features a Lady of the Court preparing infront of a mirror and truly embodies the beauty and craftsmanship that is Lladro.
New Hummels!
* Umbrella Boy and Girl
* A”First Mark” Server Boy

Over the years of appraising peoples collections we have become accustomed to making offers on beautiful things other than coins. Specifically, Hummel and Laddro figurines. We offer these handmade pieces of art, from Germany and Spain, respectively, for steep discounts – generally 50-60% off of the retail book price. We have a variety of dates and sizes as well as Limited Editions And Collectors Club issues.

Our selection of vintage pocketwatches and classic jewelry are offered at discounts.  Some of these items are one of a kind and cannot be found in the retail market.  We carry loose diamonds and other stones for do-it-yourselfers or for replacement.

We carry a variety of exonumia and ephemera- you know, commemorative medals and tokens and those little pieces of paper from the past like tickets, brochures, receipts etc.? These are ususally from such events as the Chicago World’s Fair, and the Colombian Exposition but can also come from Masonic lodges and other private organizations. There are just way too many to list. This is a great way to diversify an existing collection or start a new collection with an interesting piece.

Bid Board

The countdown begins:
every other Tuesday
at :10 seconds from 7:30 p.m.

Our “Bid Board” is a free members-only auction board we hold every other Tuesday night. Offering hundreds of lots including paper money and collectibles it has some of the most interesting items like GSA Morgan dollars, Type coins and complete collections.