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…whether you are a beginning collector finshing off your state quarter collection or an advanced numismatist searching for that elusive 1894-S Dollar, we provide a constantly changing selection of rare, collectible coins and currency as well as a friendly environment in which to browse. Come in and talk with us about our favorite topic: Coins!

Minutes from Chicago, Niles Coin Shop has been buying and selling rare coins and currency, collectibles and more from the same location for over 28 years. From our safe, secure location we sell, buy and appraise everything from single peices to whole collections. We also have a large selection of coin care supplies, books, and holders for your collection.

For the hobbyist who can’t get enough we have a twice monthy “Bid Board” auction where you can bid on coins. “Bid Board” memebership is free and we welcome people to take part in the active bidding held every other tuesday!

In addition to coins and currency we are a gold, silver, and platinum redemption center – paying top dollar for your gold and silver jewelry as well as sterling silver silverware.

Find out what it’s worth! Bring it in or call for our updated prices- we will pay on the spot!
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Our selection of collectibles includes Hummel and LLadro figurines. We offer a wide variety of these European figurines and are constantly adding to our inventory.

We have year-round specials- often 2-1 and 60% off. See the collectibles


Diversify an existing collection or start a new collection with an interesting piece.
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Bullion & Investments

We constantly update our prices to ensure you get the proper value.
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Coins & Currency

We look forward to meeting all budding numismatists and old pros. We have something for everybody!
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Bid Board
The countdown begins:
every other Tuesday
at :10 seconds from 7:30 p.m.

Our “Bid Board” is a free members-only auction board we hold every other Tuesday night. Offering hundreds of lots including paper money and collectibles it has some of the most interesting items like GSA Morgan dollars, Type coins and complete collections.